A little about me (if you care to know).

I thought it would be prudent to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about who I am and what I do. For the last twenty-five years I have worked in the fitness industry. Fitness and athletics have always been a passion of mine and I devoted much of my youth to studying martial arts and playing a wide variety of sports. This passion ultimately led me to pursuing a degree in Kinesiological Science. TKDIn my late teens and during my early college years I primarily taught my childhood pursuit: the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do. Shortly before finishing college I took on my first personal training clients and after graduation I was fortunate to get a job at a cutting edge company in the fitness industry, where I have remained for the last twenty years. Over the course of those years I have had the opportunity to work with all kinds of clients: athletes, children, elderly, and lots of your average working stiffs. I have seen it all and had the opportunity to both learn from and work with some of the very best in the industry. Exercise and movement science continue to be a cornerstone of my life and I train on a daily basis.

I also love guns. My wife would call me obsessed. I would characterize it as a passionate hobby. FireballI have begun to reload my own ammo, am actively studying and practicing my shooting skills, and I have read countless articles, blogs and reviews on just about every firearm they are making these days. This is a relatively new interest. Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked guns and even more broadly, any weapons related to martial pursuits. Some of my earliest memories were of me and my brother choreographing our own sword fights in the backyard. My early obsession with martial arts ultimately introduced me to many other weapon disciplines, some of which I still pursue today.  I didn’t grow up though in a family that owned firearms, and it wasn’t until I was older that I had the means (money) to explore firearms more fully. For me, firearms are the natural evolution of the martial pursuits I have always had a passion for. Much of my free time now, what little I have these days, is spent enjoying everything firearms have to offer.

TriI also love stuff. What many might consider guy stuff. Gadgets and electronics, tools, swords and knives, computers, cars and bicycles. I also like t-shirts and shoes! Too many t-shirts and shoes…I try to make sure the stuff I accumulate is useful and functional and avoid as much as possible collecting stuff for the sake of having more stuff. I typically spend a fair amount of time researching anything I purchase whether it be a new firearm, a new computer or even a t-shirt!

This blog therefore is a commentary on many of the things I enjoy relating to fitness, firearms and other random stuff. I hope it can be a valuable resource for someone with the same interest and perhaps entertaining as well.




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