A short introduction…

If you’re reading this you were likely directed to this post by a keyword search that related to one of the following: guns, gear, or guy stuff. If that’s the case, and your interests lie in any of those subjects then I hope you will stick around and hang out for a while. Perhaps visit every now in then and see whats new. I have done a fair amount of writing over the years. Primarily on the topic of health and fitness. And although this is a passion of mine and my primary occupation, this will be the first time I have taken the time to write about subjects of personal interest that I find myself regularly searching the internet for information about. In short, this site will be dedicated to my newest and currently most passionate hobby of firearms, my life long pursuit of fitness, my love for the latest and greatest gear to further my particular interest at the time and other random guy stuff that every red-blooded American boy should be interested in. I do want to make it clear that although girls won’t be included subject matter, they are by no means excluded from hopefully finding some useful or even entertaining information on this site.

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