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Getting Old & Staying Young – Compliments of Casey Neistat

I haven’t written about exercise in some time but it’s been on my mind. In fact, I’ve been working out like crazy for the past few months. This time of year I’ll buckle down and try to shed some of those winter pounds I may have put on over the winter. At 43 it’s never been tougher. I worked out twice today. As I’ve gotten older, especially after turning the corner into my forties, I’ve found I have to work harder and longer to make progress. I won’t lie, it can be frustrating at times. In years past I could spend just a couple of weeks, maybe a month tops and be in summertime shape. No longer.

I came across this video some time back and wanted to share it.  I’m a big fan of this vlogger. He is a interesting and creative dude, a good example of the American dream, and most importantly, a hard worker who sets an excellent example of the qualities and discipline it takes to get what you want in life. Whatever that may be. I have found many of Casey’s videos inspirational for many different reasons. This one obviously relates to exercise and aging. If you really don’t have any interest in watching the whole video than skip to the 5:00 mark to get the message short and succinct. Thanks Casey.

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